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What are Tall Lawn Cards®?

Tall Lawn Cards® are personalized 8-foot tall greeting cards you can rent and have delivered to friends, family and associates. With Tall Lawn Cards® you can greet, surprise and please on any occasion.

Each card is brightly colored, sturdy and delivered with name and message for the recipient. We deliver and set up for "all day" exposure, then pick up the card for return. It's quick and easy - nothing for you to do but place the order!

Make the next special occasion one they will always remember. Reserve your Tall Lawn Card® today!



Company Profile

Tall Lawn Cards® is a privately owned business. The "Cards" have been custom designed. There are several different cards available. One for every occasion. 

Look over our site and see if you don't agree that this is a great idea! We all have special people that we just want to do something really unusual and surprising for and this is it. These cards are huge and TLC will put any message on the card for you. We even deliver and setup in your yard! You just cannot beat this for a unique and special way to let someone know you care!

People Are Talking

TLC Gets Me Out Of Doghouse

Last year I forgot my husband's birthday!    Then I heard about Tall Lawn Cards and knew this was perfect.  He said it was the best birthday ever.  We took pictures of his BIG birthday card to send to relatives!


Great Idea for Our Neighbor

Last week our neighbor had a baby.  We called Tall Lawn Cards & rented an 8' stork to be delivered to her yard.  It had the baby's name, weight, etc. right on the card.  She was thrilled & so surprised!


My Sister Gets A Promotion

My sister got a promotion & I wanted to do something special for her.  What could I do besides flowers, candy or a traditional greeting card?  Then I remembered, Tall Lawn Cards, Yea!  This was perfect to congratulate her.  She was so moved she called me right away to say that her "card" was almost as great as her promotion.  I am a genius!




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